About Jas

Jas Dhillon is an Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Third Generation Intuitive, and a seeker of truth. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and many years of experience working with people through her corporate career.

In the past 20 years working with people, witnessing a full spectrum of emotions, behaviors, and physical illnesses, she found that happiness has a direct correlation to one’s connection with their own spirit. She believes the keys to happiness are within you waiting to be discovered. You have an innate wisdom that is unique to you. Her passion is to witness you to come into alignment with this wisdom.

Jas guides people to re-connect with their Spirit, and nurture Self-Love along the way. She has made an impact on many lives through her Intuitive Coaching practice. She delivers workshops, private readings, and Energy healing sessions, along with providing one on one coaching connecting people with their greatness.

My Story


Once upon a time my life really sucked. As a child I would imagine which one of my two dreams would become my reality. The first dream was to sneak onto an airplane and escape to an ashram on the other side of the world where I would sing sacred chants and live happily ever after. The second dream was to evaporate into the stars from which I fell from, never to be seen again. Needless to say none of these dreams came true and I am still here. 🙂 I stuck it out, and lived the life I once “hated” with the hope that one day I would live a better life. Thank God for hope!

During the earlier part of my life, I spent hours in the Self Help and New Age aisles of the book stores. I studied Psychology, Philosophy, and World Religions at university seeking answers to the meaning of life. I joined the “work force” and started dispensing drugs in pharmacies. I thought I was helping people get healthy. I joined pharmaceutical sales and hoped to positively impact patient health. I made a U-turn and sold lipsticks and beauty bars, and hoped to help women feel good about themselves. (Maybe for an hour?) I then sold world famous cereal, and popcorn and hoped I would positively impact the food industry. Needless to say, people didn’t get healthier, or feel better, or eat better, not on a permanent basis at least.

I tried to be happy doing the work I did in the world, I really did! I would repeat all my gratitude affirmations. I am grateful for my success, the money, the flexibility, and most of all the PEOPLE I met and spoke to everyday! I found myself learning a lot about us humans and what makes us tick and go bonkers! It was quite fun I must say, however, I always felt there was something more. Behind the scene of my corporate lifestyle, I heard a constant whisper from my Spirit. As I listened to this voice, and began to trust where it was taking me, a whole new world began to simultaneously unfold.

The truth is, I have been surrounded by illness since I was a little child which drove me to find healing in the world. I was a victim of circumstances which drove me to find empowerment for myself and others. I grew up in a strict Religious household which drove me to find Spirituality and connection.

As I listened to my Spirit, I immersed myself into Intuition development, Reiki, Empowerment Coaching, Invision Coaching, EFT, and many other healing modalities. I have learned from many great teachers along the way. I have worked with numerous people guiding them to discover their truth. I help people like you connect with your Spirit, experience healing, create purpose, and meaning in your life. I work on an energetic level, in connection with Spirit, using powerful coaching techniques along with my Intuition.

The best part of my work is to witness those moments in time when the lights go on for you. You no longer can be where you were, and discover the choice to step into a new space, where you begin to create the life you have always dreamed of for yourself.

I believe life is meant to flow, to be fun and to be easy. I believe life is about perspective and that you always have a choice. I believe you have a Spirit that is always communicating to you, and you are never alone. I believe you are meant to be happy. I believe in possibilities. I believe you have dreams because they are meant to be realized. Discover how you can breathe life into your dreams. Choose to book a free discovery call with me now!

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