Aged Perfection

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016



13895587_10157232355025371_7927331022117998284_nTo all the young beauties out there who think us older women want the youthful appearance you hold onto so dearly. Please know that if we had a choice to have a youthful appearance or aged wisdom we would choose being our aged wise self every single time. We’re like an aged cheddar, mouth watering, rich, delicious and always leaving you wanting more. A cracker comes in many shapes, forms, colours and can be made into beautiful perfection. However a cracker alone is just a cracker which easily snaps, cracks, crumbles and flakes. Aged Cheddar on the other hand transforms dullness into irresistible goodness, leaving all wanting to be in its company. We have put in our time and earned our marble throne. We sit in a place where we love ourself exactly as we are with all our imperfections. My dear cracker, enjoy the toppings you add to yourself now, as the day will come when you too will be able to stand alone, in your nakedness feeling your richness.
Jas Dhillon

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