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Immortal Flame

Posted by on Feb 14, 2018

I care not about the great show you put on  It matters that you are performing your Purpose   I care not about your bank balance It matters that you have Self Value when you own nothing   I care not for your social media feed  It matters that you fed another with your own hands today   I care not that you are liked It matters that you have courage to walk through the ugly shadows    I care not if you are followed by thousands  It matters that you can sleep peacefully honouring your own Soul    I care not about who you know It matters that you know who you are in your deepest core    I care not about your hand me down beliefs  It matters that you can rip through the layers of bullshit and set your life free   I care not that you feel special in planned moments  It matters that you awoke crying tears of gratitude today    I care not if you are proper or good  It matters that you can stand in a shitty mess holding your Truth   I care not they see ugly in you It matters that you see the beauty shimmering from you    I care not how many times you have been screwed  It matters that you have learned to own all of you    I care not that you have suffered rejection  It matters that you can burn your grievances and move along with your heart open   I care not that life has smacked you down over and over  It matters that you claim yourself as the Master of your destiny   BE Unstoppable Loyal to no one but your Truth Encounter God in each breath  Surrender smiling to your Immortal Flame   Go ahead Blast through the Universe  Creating your own signature  My dear love   Jas Dhillon Transformational...

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Death Lessons

Posted by on Dec 21, 2017

I drove to work listening to the radio just like any other day. On came “hey oh” by red hot chilli peppers, and I began to have flashbacks of times in the past. As I looked at the trees at the side of the road, I got pulled back into the present time. At this time my mother is no longer alive.  Just like that it hit me again. She has moved on a little over 9 months ago and I have grieved lots. For the most part I am able to think about her and talk about her without feeling the pain of grief. However grief is an interesting thing. When you think you have moved through the shock, understood your loss, took time to feel it, process it, find meaning, and make peace with it, it just comes pouring through you again without warning. Grief strikes you at any time, any place, when you least expect it. People die, but grief does not die. It lingers in the background and you never know when it will step forward.  Life is an interesting thing. Today is December 21st and Christmas is a few days away. I hear people say, you feel the loss of your loved ones even more at this time. For me, my mom was hardly ever around during Christmas as she would stay in India over the winter. So I couldn’t understand how Christmas would trigger this sadness in me as we didn’t share many Christmas memories together. As I drove along the highway I wiped my tears back only for them to begin streaming again. I couldn’t stop them. I had to acknowledge, once again, that I was not going to see my mother again. I wouldn’t hear her voice again. I wouldn’t be able to hold her again. I could no longer tell her all the things I wanted to. I could no longer laugh with her. I could no longer be comforted by just being by her side.  I felt like an apple that is dropped by the tree. I was a part of this magnificent tree for my entire life, which nourished me and supported me and then one day I was dropped to the ground to absorb the shock. The apple when dropped rolls away but when it looks back the tree is no longer there. Only memories of the tree remain. The tree has become the wind blowing through me yet unable to be grasped. She has become an image in my mind that dances around me. She is a thought that remains as long as I think. She has become the laugh I hear in the distance. she is the energy I feel surrounding me. She is no longer rooted in this earth, yet she remains in existence. She is no longer the tree that stood strong anchored in the Earth, she is now a part of the cosmos, with no end and no beginning. In a blink what was, no longer is. What is can not be defined. All that is left, are the feelings once felt, when all else is gone.  The apple becomes a tree and from it come more apples. The memory of the tree stays alive, as long as its apples continue to live. The source in all continues its journey into a new form of life. Life witnesses itself. Life moves and we must flow with it. Death does not discriminate, it is the inevitable truth. Life continues to exist, and through it we experience. Nothing is ever lost or created, as the source has...

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Why Heal Before Sickness?

Posted by on Oct 27, 2017

What if healing wasn’t meant for healing sickness but was meant for optimal being? What if consciously healing yourself before you were defined as sick allowed you to do and be life from your full potential? What if healing first allowed you to bypass sickness? Would you be curious to know how healing could help you become the greatest version of yourself before you get hit with an illness that stunts your evolution? Most of us have experienced some degree of trauma in our life. Perhaps you were bullied or ridiculed as a child, or had to give up a pet you loved, or felt abandoned because your only best friend moved away and you never said your goodbyes. Perhaps you were abused by a parent figure, or rejected by the one you were madly in love with. Maybe you were robbed of something precious to you, or betrayed by someone you trusted, or endured some violent attack which you still can not comprehend. Perhaps you haven’t experienced any significant trauma, but you also haven’t experienced being supported and encouraged in your life. Maybe you felt like you had a purpose or a mission in life but never quite figured it out because you were not provided the environment you needed to encourage your growth. If you experienced anything like this in your life, how did it leave you feeling? Were you left feeling fear, sadness, shame or feeling not good enough? Were you left feeling alone, undeserving, hurting deep inside leaving you no other choice but to numb it all? Did you settle for being mediocre, living an average life, because you didn’t feel worthy of being anything more? The truth is, healing is not just for the sick, healing is for anyone who has locked away their authentic expression under layers of illusions. Healing is uncovering the lies you have told yourself about who you are.. Healing is releasing all the emotions that are stuck within each trauma you have experienced and buried away. Healing is supporting your soul mission and allowing your full expression. Healing is walking in your truth with unbreakable strength. Healing is raising the bar and becoming that which you truly are. Healing is never backing down in fear. Healing is being resilient in any storm, being guided by your innate wisdom, and allowing yourself to bloom into your greatest expression. Just like every seed follows its divine programming to allow its most beautiful expression to unfold, healing yourself allows you to follow your divine programming into your most beautiful free expression in the world. Why wait for disease to seek healing when you can heal now and be free to be authentically you? Jas Dhillon Transformational Healing Coach      ...

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Being Present in Grief

Posted by on Mar 15, 2017

    Being present with another is a gift like no other. A gift for yourself and the other. As I grieve the passing of my mom I have been forced to ponder what it means to be here, now. Ironically, this morning when I asked the Wisdom of the Oracle to give me a message about my mom, I pulled the card, “Here and Now”. The oracle told me that my mom no longer lives in the past nor does she live in the future. She is NOW, fully present and whole. She is one with the Consciousness and IS, always. So what does it mean for me to be here and now? As messages of condolences pour in, some through social media, chats, texts, phone calls, flowers, and some in person, I am learning much about being present for another. Being present for another means being Love for the other whatever form it takes. Love can be felt through any form, and so can the lack of it. Being present means putting aside all else and tuning into the person you are sharing “space” with in the now. In this space you can connect with another at a deeper soul level. You feel them, hear them, accept them, support them, and hold love for them. Time becomes irrelevant in the here and now. There is nothing else more important, neither does anything else exist other than YOU and the OTHER. You just ARE. This space is magical, mystical, and feeds the Soul. Here there is healing, peace, and comfort. When you are present you gift yourself with YOU. When you bring You to the Other, and the Other is fully present with You then time stops. Together you become part of the Whole. You are no longer alone. You become one and all. Being present is meditation. It is being the faucet that is connected to the Source, allowing the flow to pour through you into the container that you are present in. I know that when I am present with my Mom eventhough she has left physical form, she is flowing love to me from Source that she is forever connected with.  I only need to enter this space.  When you are Here and Now, the Divine flows through you. Jas Dhillon...

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Broken Heart Transformed Into Art

Posted by on Jan 8, 2017

I am sure you have heard the speech Meryl Streep gave sharing her perspective on the “powerful” man sitting in the most important seat in America while mocking the disabled and many many more. It was fascinating to see how Meryl captivated and touched her audience just by voicing her authenticity. She spoke from a place that held meaning for her. This was a perfect example of the ways we have the power to affect others through the personal energy we hold. The energy she held was of courage, authenticity, expression, empathy, compassion, connection, and expansion to name just a few. When I listened to her I could not help but FEEL inspired by her courage, feel connection for all lives regardless of social status, race, abilities and or disabilities, and feel respect, empathy, and reverence for the role each individual plays. All this occurred simply by listening to several minutes of her speech. How we think affects how we feel, act, and speak. How we feel, act and speak affects those who interact with us. This is because we are all energetic beings and we interact with one another at an energetic level. Although I don’t know Meryl on a personal level, never seen her in person, and do not know her likes and dislikes, still in just a few minutes of listening to her she had a lasting affect on me.She ended her speech by stating something very powerful and beautiful. She mentioned how her dear friend would say “Take your broken heart and make it into art”. This to me illustrates the power of healing, transformation, and creation. Many of us have had our heart broken by people who ridicule us, use us, abuse us, disempower us, and make us feel insignificant, worthless, and devalued. Living with a broken heart is like dying daily, it seems pointless. When we are in this place we may feel like that’s all we got and can’t see the possibilities in our hopelessness. We give up and feel like life is too hard and meaningless and even become suicidal. We may become angry or enraged and act out destructively from this energetic space. The possibilities are endless. But what if this broken heart could actually be made into art? What if it didn’t have to be a downward spiral? What if there was something beautiful waiting to be birthed? Art is beautiful, inspiring, captivating, inviting, moving, connecting, and creative. An artist simply expresses that which is within them that feels true to them. An artist feels what is coming through them and allows it to move through them, the result is creativity. What if our broken heart is just shattered pieces that need a meaningful expression? Perhaps the more painful the experience we have, the greater is the expression locked up waiting to be freed. Perhaps all the pain we carry is only an indication of the emotional energy that is bottled up waiting to be freed. Perhaps we don’t have to stay in our brokenness, or erupt in destructive ways. Perhaps the broken heart can be made into art. The truth is the broken heart can be made into art. This is the art of transformation and creation. As we feel, and heal, we transform and create. We let go of the old energy, or better said we transmute the old energy. We begin the climb reaching higher and higher. We begin to feel more empowered, and start standing in our authenticity. We begin to inspire others while we create our art. Your life is a beautiful story waiting...

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