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Be Aware of Free Courses

Posted by on Apr 19, 2018

I’m sure many of you, like me, have signed up for free webinars, free mini courses, or free summits repeatedly hoping for something magical to happen for us along the way. We figure we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We get all excited to hear about the secret sauce for success, or the keys to happiness, or tragedy to triumph tales, so that we may learn how to have success, be happy, or triumphant. We invest our precious time listening to the “free” content only to discover that we still have so much work ahead of us to achieve these things. We may feel a burst of motivation, or inspiration to do more, or be more, as the one with the secrets and the keys, perfectly paints the picture of possibilities that await us. We feel better temporarily until it hits us that we are still in the same place after investing our time in the free webinar. The truth is, what comes free does not stick, it does not last, neither does it transform. Instead it keeps us distracted from the very thing we need, to propel us forward on our journey. You see Free Courses are not free as they cost you your time, energy, and your attention, all of which are necessary to create a successful, happy and triumphant life. Time, energy, and attention given can never be refunded. Instead of unconsciously giving away our emails for these “enticing offers” so that you can waste more energy filtering through your inbox flooded with sales pitches, why not take that time to figure out what you need? Why allow others to tell you what you need, so you can be like them? Why waste the very precious energy needed to create the life you want, on listening to free content, which is nothing but a hook? Let’s be transparent, nobody offers FREE secrets, just like Costco is not offering free food! Free food samples do not equate to a free meal. Free sampling is offered so you buy the whole package. It is an investment to make sales. There are those who line up at every free food sample bar and eat whatever is offered, only to run to the next one and then the next one, allowing what is put in front of them to dictate what they ingest. The problem is they end up experiencing nothing fully. Then there are those who consciously choose what their bodies need, only take what serves them, and will pay full price knowing what they purchased is nourishing them. These are the people who walk away with a long last feeling of satisfaction. These are the people that take care of their body while making conscious choices. Let’s face it, if you want to create change, you must be aware of what change you want to make. If you want to be happy, you must know what makes you happy. Nobody outside of you carries the secrets and keys to your journey. Life is not a free ride. Life is an energy exchange. If you want to create in the world, you need to invest your energy consciously. Passively listening to free content that promises the secret sauce for happiness will not make you happy. Happiness is found by exploring inward and finding the creativity that wants to be expressed through you. Success is found by using your energy wisely to nourish your expression into the world. You become triumphant when you remove all distractions that keep you from connecting with your own inspiration. When we stop chasing after others and commit to our own...

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Stopping Empath Persecution

Posted by on Apr 14, 2018

I didn’t understand why I found myself in the same spot repeatedly. The place where you try to make things better for others but get persecuted for doing so in the end. If you are an Empath, you must know that boundaries don’t come easy to you. In fact, you may find that you get sucked into others problems quite easily. You begin to take on other people’s feelings and your sense of self gets lost. You think that others problems are your own and you set out to fix them. What happens on many occasions is you feel responsible for fixing others problems and begin to search for solutions to help others. I have experienced this recently where I got sucked into others emotions and failed to recognize that they were not my own. I lacked boundaries in that I was unable to pay attention to my own needs while letting others be in their own feelings. Instead I began to think of solutions for their disturbed feelings as the truth was I took them on as my own. I presented my recommendations to the Leader to ease the uncertainty others felt, as well as to ease my own discomfort in being part of a spiritual group whose actions did not match what it projected. Instead of recognizing my intentions for wanting to make things better, I was persecuted for doing so. I was booted out the door along with my recommendations with many inaccurate labels to describe me. How dare I try to better someone else’s vision? Herein lay my mistake. A mistake common amongst many Empaths. As an Empath, we fail to have strong boundaries. We fail to recognize when something is not our problem to fix. We fail to walk away from situations that don’t align with us. We fail to take care of our needs first before we try to meet the needs of others. We fail to walk away from the people who create emotional unease for us. Instead we pour our energy into creating balance when it had nothing to do with us in the first place. So, what can an Empath do? We must recognize how we feel as an individual and not focus on the collective’s feelings. We must recognize when our intuition tells us something is out of alignment. We need to stop fixing things for others, and practice self love which may include walking away. We must be able to accept the sadness that will ensue if we choose to leave a toxic situation. However, we must recognize the sadness is only because of our innate nature that strives for harmony with all. We must learn that we must not insert ourselves into another’s story. If a story playing out doesn’t suit us, then we must walk away and focus on creating our own harmonious story. It is not an easy road travelling as an Empath, as it can be both a curse and a gift. The gift is, we can connect with others in deep ways that can not be taught in a school. Empaths are in tune with the “empty” space that binds us all. In this space, incredible magic can be experienced through a sense of oneness. The curse is when an Empath can not recognize where she begins and where she ends. When she is not aware that the unspoken information she is absorbing is not her own, she may turn reactive and become unbalanced. This is when she must find balance within herself, and remove all that disturbs her peace. Being an Empath does not mean to be a sacrificial lamb for the benefit of others, it...

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Transforming Ugly to Beauty – 3 Step Process For Transformation

Posted by on Feb 21, 2018

 There was a time when I felt ugly! Growing up as a visible minority in Toronto in the mid 70’s and 80’s wasn’t easy. In fact I was filled with feelings of fear, unworthiness, and shame. I was the victim of racism, discrimination, and sexism to name a few. I was stuck in these low vibrating emotional places with no visible way out. I avoided social groups and activities. I withdrew from reality and retreated into my imaginary world. I adopted many faces to fit into the many scenes. At home I slipped into the good Indian girl who was obedient, pure, and subservient. On the streets I wore layers of protection against unwanted attacks. In school I tried to be invisible avoiding attention towards myself. At work, I delivered exceptionally to overcompensating for my lack of self -worth. The truth is, inside I was scattered and lost. I had different parts of me in the various boxes of my life and none of them knew who the other was. I lacked connection, direction, and meaning. My inner dialogue kept me victimized. My feelings of shame and anger kept me teeter tottering between parts. I was in a prison of my own making yet I blamed it on my appearance and circumstances. Until I finally broke free through what I call OCD to transformation. OCD is a method that I used to move from ugly to beautiful. I am sharing it here to help you! The “O” stands for Observe, “C” stands for Correct, and “D” stands for Direct. This three step process transformed my life. Step 1 Observe (O) Connect with your observer! This is the part of you that watches your inner thoughts, dialogues, emotions, messages, and beliefs. Simply observe what is happening inside your mind, heart and body without judgment. What are your thoughts saying? How are you feeling? Notice the dialogue that is occurring. Where are you holding these emotions in your body? Once you have gathered this information you are ready for the C. Step 2 (C) Correct Correct what’s not working for you! Don’t fight your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and try to suppress and look the other way. Simply correct them by replacing what does not serve you with what does serve you. Ask yourself, “Is what I am thinking constructive or destructive to what I really want?” If your thoughts are destructive, introduce thoughts that are constructive to your desired outcome. If what you believe does not help you get what you want, correct your belief so you can move towards what you want. If your dialogue with yourself makes you feel bad, correct the dialogue to what makes you feel good. Once you have corrected the faulty programming, you are ready for D. Step 3 (D) Direct Direct energy toward your desired outcome! In this step you direct your energy on creating the new you. Ask yourself, “What will it take for me to be my desired self?” Then take the action that directs your energy towards that! This is where you close the gap between where you are now and the expression of yourself that you desire. This is where you dump the ugly and step into the beautiful version of yourself.   The Mirror in which I see myself No longer shows me that which was For now my eyes see through Love The Truth is unveiled and illusion is lost.   Written by: Jas Dhillon...

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Immortal Flame

Posted by on Feb 14, 2018

I care not about the great show you put on  It matters that you are performing your Purpose   I care not about your bank balance It matters that you have Self Value when you own nothing   I care not for your social media feed  It matters that you fed another with your own hands today   I care not that you are liked It matters that you have courage to walk through the ugly shadows    I care not if you are followed by thousands  It matters that you can sleep peacefully honouring your own Soul    I care not about who you know It matters that you know who you are in your deepest core    I care not about your hand me down beliefs  It matters that you can rip through the layers of bullshit and set your life free   I care not that you feel special in planned moments  It matters that you awoke crying tears of gratitude today    I care not if you are proper or good  It matters that you can stand in a shitty mess holding your Truth   I care not they see ugly in you It matters that you see the beauty shimmering from you    I care not how many times you have been screwed  It matters that you have learned to own all of you    I care not that you have suffered rejection  It matters that you can burn your grievances and move along with your heart open   I care not that life has smacked you down over and over  It matters that you claim yourself as the Master of your destiny   BE Unstoppable Loyal to no one but your Truth Encounter God in each breath  Surrender smiling to your Immortal Flame   Go ahead Blast through the Universe  Creating your own signature  My dear love   Jas Dhillon Transformational...

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Death Lessons

Posted by on Dec 21, 2017

I drove to work listening to the radio just like any other day. On came “hey oh” by red hot chilli peppers, and I began to have flashbacks of times in the past. As I looked at the trees at the side of the road, I got pulled back into the present time. At this time my mother is no longer alive.  Just like that it hit me again. She has moved on a little over 9 months ago and I have grieved lots. For the most part I am able to think about her and talk about her without feeling the pain of grief. However grief is an interesting thing. When you think you have moved through the shock, understood your loss, took time to feel it, process it, find meaning, and make peace with it, it just comes pouring through you again without warning. Grief strikes you at any time, any place, when you least expect it. People die, but grief does not die. It lingers in the background and you never know when it will step forward.  Life is an interesting thing. Today is December 21st and Christmas is a few days away. I hear people say, you feel the loss of your loved ones even more at this time. For me, my mom was hardly ever around during Christmas as she would stay in India over the winter. So I couldn’t understand how Christmas would trigger this sadness in me as we didn’t share many Christmas memories together. As I drove along the highway I wiped my tears back only for them to begin streaming again. I couldn’t stop them. I had to acknowledge, once again, that I was not going to see my mother again. I wouldn’t hear her voice again. I wouldn’t be able to hold her again. I could no longer tell her all the things I wanted to. I could no longer laugh with her. I could no longer be comforted by just being by her side.  I felt like an apple that is dropped by the tree. I was a part of this magnificent tree for my entire life, which nourished me and supported me and then one day I was dropped to the ground to absorb the shock. The apple when dropped rolls away but when it looks back the tree is no longer there. Only memories of the tree remain. The tree has become the wind blowing through me yet unable to be grasped. She has become an image in my mind that dances around me. She is a thought that remains as long as I think. She has become the laugh I hear in the distance. she is the energy I feel surrounding me. She is no longer rooted in this earth, yet she remains in existence. She is no longer the tree that stood strong anchored in the Earth, she is now a part of the cosmos, with no end and no beginning. In a blink what was, no longer is. What is can not be defined. All that is left, are the feelings once felt, when all else is gone.  The apple becomes a tree and from it come more apples. The memory of the tree stays alive, as long as its apples continue to live. The source in all continues its journey into a new form of life. Life witnesses itself. Life moves and we must flow with it. Death does not discriminate, it is the inevitable truth. Life continues to exist, and through it we experience. Nothing is ever lost or created, as the source has...

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