Why Heal Before Sickness?

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What if healing wasn’t meant for healing sickness but was meant for optimal being? What if consciously healing yourself before you were defined as sick allowed you to do and be life from your full potential? What if healing first allowed you to bypass sickness? Would you be curious to know how healing could help you become the greatest version of yourself before you get hit with an illness that stunts your evolution? Most of us have experienced some degree of trauma in our life. Perhaps you were bullied or ridiculed as a child, or had to give up a pet you loved, or felt abandoned because your only best friend moved away and you never said your goodbyes. Perhaps you were abused by a parent figure, or rejected by the one you were madly in love with. Maybe you were robbed of something precious to you, or betrayed by someone you trusted, or endured some violent attack which you still can not comprehend. Perhaps you haven’t experienced any significant trauma, but you also haven’t experienced being supported and encouraged in your life. Maybe you felt like you had a purpose or a mission in life but never quite figured it out because you were not provided the environment you needed to encourage your growth. If you experienced anything like this in your life, how did it leave you feeling? Were you left feeling fear, sadness, shame or feeling not good enough? Were you left feeling alone, undeserving, hurting deep inside leaving you no other choice but to numb it all? Did you settle for being mediocre, living an average life, because you didn’t feel worthy of being anything more? The truth is, healing is not just for the sick, healing is for anyone who has locked away their authentic expression under layers of illusions. Healing is uncovering the lies you have told yourself about who you are.. Healing is releasing all the emotions that are stuck within each trauma you have experienced and buried away. Healing is supporting your soul mission and allowing your full expression. Healing is walking in your truth with unbreakable strength. Healing is raising the bar and becoming that which you truly are. Healing is never backing down in fear. Healing is being resilient in any storm, being guided by your innate wisdom, and allowing yourself to bloom into your greatest expression. Just like every seed follows its divine programming to allow its most beautiful expression to unfold, healing yourself allows you to follow your divine programming into your most beautiful free expression in the world. Why wait for disease to seek healing when you can heal now and be free to be authentically you? Jas Dhillon Transformational Healing Coach      ...

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Being Present in Grief

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    Being present with another is a gift like no other. A gift for yourself and the other. As I grieve the passing of my mom I have been forced to ponder what it means to be here, now. Ironically, this morning when I asked the Wisdom of the Oracle to give me a message about my mom, I pulled the card, “Here and Now”. The oracle told me that my mom no longer lives in the past nor does she live in the future. She is NOW, fully present and whole. She is one with the Consciousness and IS, always. So what does it mean for me to be here and now? As messages of condolences pour in, some through social media, chats, texts, phone calls, flowers, and some in person, I am learning much about being present for another. Being present for another means being Love for the other whatever form it takes. Love can be felt through any form, and so can the lack of it. Being present means putting aside all else and tuning into the person you are sharing “space” with in the now. In this space you can connect with another at a deeper soul level. You feel them, hear them, accept them, support them, and hold love for them. Time becomes irrelevant in the here and now. There is nothing else more important, neither does anything else exist other than YOU and the OTHER. You just ARE. This space is magical, mystical, and feeds the Soul. Here there is healing, peace, and comfort. When you are present you gift yourself with YOU. When you bring You to the Other, and the Other is fully present with You then time stops. Together you become part of the Whole. You are no longer alone. You become one and all. Being present is meditation. It is being the faucet that is connected to the Source, allowing the flow to pour through you into the container that you are present in. I know that when I am present with my Mom eventhough she has left physical form, she is flowing love to me from Source that she is forever connected with.  I only need to enter this space.  When you are Here and Now, the Divine flows through you. Jas Dhillon...

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Broken Heart Transformed Into Art

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I am sure you have heard the speech Meryl Streep gave sharing her perspective on the “powerful” man sitting in the most important seat in America while mocking the disabled and many many more. It was fascinating to see how Meryl captivated and touched her audience just by voicing her authenticity. She spoke from a place that held meaning for her. This was a perfect example of the ways we have the power to affect others through the personal energy we hold. The energy she held was of courage, authenticity, expression, empathy, compassion, connection, and expansion to name just a few. When I listened to her I could not help but FEEL inspired by her courage, feel connection for all lives regardless of social status, race, abilities and or disabilities, and feel respect, empathy, and reverence for the role each individual plays. All this occurred simply by listening to several minutes of her speech. How we think affects how we feel, act, and speak. How we feel, act and speak affects those who interact with us. This is because we are all energetic beings and we interact with one another at an energetic level. Although I don’t know Meryl on a personal level, never seen her in person, and do not know her likes and dislikes, still in just a few minutes of listening to her she had a lasting affect on me.She ended her speech by stating something very powerful and beautiful. She mentioned how her dear friend would say “Take your broken heart and make it into art”. This to me illustrates the power of healing, transformation, and creation. Many of us have had our heart broken by people who ridicule us, use us, abuse us, disempower us, and make us feel insignificant, worthless, and devalued. Living with a broken heart is like dying daily, it seems pointless. When we are in this place we may feel like that’s all we got and can’t see the possibilities in our hopelessness. We give up and feel like life is too hard and meaningless and even become suicidal. We may become angry or enraged and act out destructively from this energetic space. The possibilities are endless. But what if this broken heart could actually be made into art? What if it didn’t have to be a downward spiral? What if there was something beautiful waiting to be birthed? Art is beautiful, inspiring, captivating, inviting, moving, connecting, and creative. An artist simply expresses that which is within them that feels true to them. An artist feels what is coming through them and allows it to move through them, the result is creativity. What if our broken heart is just shattered pieces that need a meaningful expression? Perhaps the more painful the experience we have, the greater is the expression locked up waiting to be freed. Perhaps all the pain we carry is only an indication of the emotional energy that is bottled up waiting to be freed. Perhaps we don’t have to stay in our brokenness, or erupt in destructive ways. Perhaps the broken heart can be made into art. The truth is the broken heart can be made into art. This is the art of transformation and creation. As we feel, and heal, we transform and create. We let...

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Turbans & Nail Polish don’t go together!

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Turbans & Nail Polish don’t go together! Do they?   I was in grade Nine returning back to school after Christmas Holidays. As I walked into my first class there was silence, gasps, exaggerated laughter, and dramatic reactions, and students falling off of their chairs as they caught sight of me. Before I left for holidays I looked like a “normal” Indian girl who had long dark hair, hoop earrings, and trying hard to fit into the high school scene. When I returned I was wearing a turban on my head, no jewelry, no make-up, and in plain clothes. Over the holidays my parents had sent me to a Sikh youth camp where I met many other kids, some of which are still good friends of mine. Together we learned about the Sikh religion, establishing a daily practice of prayer, meditation, playing musical instruments and singing Kirtin (singing sacred sikh chants). I remember the feeling of finding that which spoke to my soul. I found connection to something greater than myself. I found purpose and meaning. I eagerly adopted all the “inner work” practices, as well as the “outer appearance” practices. I felt I found the formula of being good! Herein lay the problem. I remember feeling proud winning the approval of my parents. I felt like I was the good child they always desired. I learned how to read Gurmukhi/ Punjabi within a month all on my own! I learned how to recite prayers, sing Kirtin, wear a turban and I became a fully baptized Sikh. I put my heart and soul into being a good Sikh, although I failed in some eyes. The day came when I had sang Kirtin in front of a house full of Sikh priests and families at a ceremonial gathering my parents hosted. I wore a turban, Indian clothing, and all the other traditional religious symbols Sikh’s wear, however, I was wearing something a little extra than prescribed. I wore nail polish on all of my nails. Little did I realize this would make me a Badass! As I walked down my hallway, I got stopped by one of the priests in my house. He pointed at my nails and said, “This is not good”. I silently walked away while processing what he said in my head. I examined how far I had come. I was a girl who couldn’t read Punjabi, couldn’t play a harmonium, couldn’t sing Kirtin, couldn’t recite Sikh prayers, never wore a turban, never participated in any religious ceremonies before this, and yet this Sikh priest could only see flaws in me. It felt disturbing. Something didn’t feel right. I realized then it was futile trying to be “good”, as being good depends on how others perceive you. The truth is no matter what you do there will always be those who find fault in you. In that moment I decided that I no longer would be good for anyone. What mattered was that I was good for myself! I invite you to examine your life. Where do you deny yourself for approval? Where do you hold yourself back while delivering what others expect? Where are you being “nice” or “good”, and for who? Where do you allow others opinions of you control you? Where do you care...

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What’s Your Element?

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What’s your Element? Have you ever wondered why some people drive you crazy while others have you smiling ear to ear? Why do you bump and collide with some and others you bond with so effortlessly? Why some people are so familiar, as if you knew them all your life and beyond? As I pondered these questions I received an image of a water molecule. Water molecule? As an Intuitive, most of my “information” is received through images, and feelings. I don’t search for a logical answer, or enter into creative imagination, I simply allow myself to receive without filtering. When I asked what the water molecule meant I was shown how we are all like the Elements on a periodic table. I am not a science major however I could “see” all of this unfold. Just like all the elements on the periodic table are the building blocks of life, WE are all necessary to the WHOLE. We are pure in our own natural state with our own unique structures, properties, and characteristics. We have our own unique melting point, and exploding point! We have a natural affinity towards some elements while we are totally repelled by others. We may have been a couple of happy gassy hydrogen atoms floating in space before we bonded with handsome Mr. Oxygen. Then the magic happened and we created and became beautiful life sustaining water! As we pass by other elements on our path, we are bound to collide with some, hold hands with others, push some aside, and chase after a few. Sometimes we create beauty, and sometimes we create destruction. We are always creating! Each one of us are powerful co-creators! So what’s your element? What are you creating? Perhaps when you look at the other on your journey, you may see that they are perfect and necessary in our planetary flask. They may not blend well with you but they are still necessary and perfect to the whole. There is no need to judge another element, neither do we have to form bonds that we know result in chaos and combustion. We can simply scan our environment and be discerning about whom we tango with. At times we lose a few electrons and at times we gain some to stabilize. We are all in this soup together and the recipes are limitless.   Jas...

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We Teach What We Need To Learn Most!

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  “We teach what we need to learn most” they say. The meaning of this is sinking in deep within me. Growing up as a child I craved unconditional love, feeling happiness, being enveloped in peace, and having deep meaningful connections. I searched around me to obtain that which would give this ALL to me. Maybe it would be DOING this behaviour, BEING this way, STUDYING psychology, WORKING in healthcare, FINDING the husband, BUYING a beautiful home, HAVING that child, PARTYING with friends, FOLLOWING religions, TRAVELING to sacred places, JOINING groups and so on. Needless to say, none of this gave me what my soul craved. As what my soul craved was not found outside of me.  It craved ME. All I needed to DO was to BE with my soul. Connect with it. Love it. Experience happiness and peace merging my”self” with it. As I learn to merge with my soul and then see “outward”, my reflection is no longer the same. The mirror in which I see myself no longer shows me that which was. That which was lacking is now abundant. I have stepped into a magical land where creative possibilities are infinite. Our power is activated through our connection to our Spirit. So when someone says, “We teach what we needed to learn most “. I now see how that is my absolute truth. Jas Dhillon Image Artist, Angelica...

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Seeing the Mirror

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I packed my suitcase with expectations and hope and set out to visit the magic stream. I saw many allies and teachers surround me, and felt spirit of place move about. I visited the moon and witnessed the stars transform, my purpose was illuminated in the hearts of souls. I was given gifts of creativity, some known and some previously unknown. As I stood in the seed of creation I tapped into consciousness never experienced before. Tears that could not be explained, began to roll down beyond control. My hands tingled and I felt enormous, while deep peace filled my entire core. I met my goblin who reminded me, of all my limitations I had ignored. I began to listen and commiserate with him, and found comfort sailing in his boat. My observer rode along with me, watching in awareness all that would unfold. With my goblin I sailed, looking through the goggles it had given me to wear. Together we visited ghostlands, the land of lack and many others that called out. I saw all the wounded parts within me being projected onto those I valued outside of me. My nightmares were coming to life as I uncomfortably tossed about. I finally woke up to see the circus, all the monkeys swinging around. I stopped the boat and removed my spectacles, and decided that it was time to go. Stepping out I looked back at my goblin, with love and appreciation for illuminating my darkness. I took the path leading me back home, with gratitude beaming from my heart. I made amends with my teacher, graciously accepting the love that was always there for me. I tossed my pocket mirror behind me and built a full size mirror ahead of me. As I gaze into my new mirror, I recognize it shows me all I hold within me. When I do not see Love reflected back to me, that is when I step back and not forward. For it is In the distance that I can see the Truth, while up close I get sucked into the illusion.  Jas...

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Aged Perfection

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    To all the young beauties out there who think us older women want the youthful appearance you hold onto so dearly. Please know that if we had a choice to have a youthful appearance or aged wisdom we would choose being our aged wise self every single time. We’re like an aged cheddar, mouth watering, rich, delicious and always leaving you wanting more. A cracker comes in many shapes, forms, colours and can be made into beautiful perfection. However a cracker alone is just a cr…acker which easily snaps, cracks, crumbles and flakes. Aged Cheddar on the other hand transforms dullness into irresistible goodness, leaving all wanting to be in its company. We have put in our time and earned our marble throne. We sit in a place where we love ourself exactly as we are with all our imperfections. My dear cracker, enjoy the toppings you add to yourself now, as the day will come when you too will be able to stand alone, in your nakedness feeling your richness. Jas...

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Freedom from the ancestral grip

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This post also appears on simply woman I sat next to my sick Mother in the hospital today listening to her tell me stories from her past. As I listened to these stories about other people I noticed a common theme. They were all about suffering and traumas that people endured over their lives. I watched her as she would retell these stories over and over again and then tear up in the process. This is where it suddenly struck me! This place of sadness, and suffering was a familiar place to me at one time. As a child I would listen to these tales very intently and would take the place of the “victim” in the story. I would imagine and feel all the possible emotions this person would have felt. Yet here I sat today, unwilling to go “there” to that once familiar place of sadness. I no longer became emotional even when I watched my Mom cry. I had no interest in the story neither did I pay attention to the details. Instead I looked into my Mom’s tear filled eyes and asked, “Mom, is there anyone you know who has a happy life?”  She responded very quickly and with certainty.  “Even the greatest Kings and Queens who have lived in the world had to go through immense struggles and challenges!” There it was! I recognized the belief that I had lived with all my life. Life couldn’t be easy, happy, and filled with love. So how was it that I sat here today unable to visit that familiar place of sadness and suffering with my mom? She needed company here didn’t she? This is when I realized I had broken free of the legacy of my ancestors!  It had taken me over a decade of self work for me to break free. After numerous books, workshops, courses, healings, processes and practices, I was able to narrow it down to 4 simple questions which helped me break free from my ancestral grip. Is this thought that I am thinking one that I feel good about? If not, what thought would feel better? “Insert new thought”. Is this action/reaction constructive or destructive to my desired outcome? If destructive, then what would be a constructive action/reaction? How would I see my current circumstances ten years from now when I look back at my life?  Gaining a new detached perspective made it easier to travel through the storms of life. If my current circumstances were pleasant I was able to see the beauty, magic, and gifts of the moment from a greater life perspective. Is this true?  Can there be another truth that I can adopt? This was the question I asked of all beliefs I had adopted from my legacy. For example, “men are abusive.” Is this true?  “Yes.” Is this true for all people?  “No.” If it is not true for all then why does it have to be true for me? It is not true. All men are not abusive. I can adopt a new belief where I can choose to relate to men who are not abusive. I had diligently asked myself these questions daily for over a decade. I had no idea at the time that I was creating a whole new way of thinking,...

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Buried Spirit

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Have you ever looked into the beautiful eyes of a baby and felt the presence of her energy? If you have ever held a baby in your arms you would have witnessed the calm, peace, and serenity she emits. The trust she has in the world. She is in tune with her needs and absolutely present in the moment. She is not racing to fetch her next meal, neither is she planning her next play date, nor worried about being good enough to be loved. She couldn’t care less if someone thought she was cute or otherwise. She just is. She is simply being a human being. As she develops a sense of self and other, and begins to incorporate the messages she receives from the world, she begins to make decisions about what her life will look like. Often the messages received are focused on success, achieving goals, acquiring wealth, and love. She often rewards herself with external possessions and vacations etc. to feel that she is living the life. She is chasing after something and living according to others expectations, or fear of judgment. There comes a time when she has done life the way she was taught to. She has the career, the success, the house, and the family. She then looks around her wondering why she is feels empty and alone. She feels a void, deep within herself. She feels trapped in a never ending cycle of chasing after “it”. Sometimes she just wants to run away from it all and escape as she cannot find meaning in it all. The chase begins to lead to a dead end, and that’s when she begins to seek something different. She yearns for connection and hungers to feel depth in her soul. After a lifetime of being disconnected from her spirit, desperately trying to find her value in others, she arrives to this place. This place of wanting more for herself. She no longer wants to stay trapped chasing after stuff. Or filling her void with food or drugs. She longs to know her true self. She craves for the wonder she felt as a child. She wants her heart to light up to the smell of flowers, and sing to the songs of the birds. She so desperately searches for love. She lost herself in the “doing” and forgot to be a human “being”. She feels broken and in need of fixing not realizing she has always been whole. All she had lost was her connection to her Spirit. There is nothing she must find to fix her, she just needs to remember who she is. Just as the caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis, before it turns into a butterfly, she also much undergo her own transformation. Bit by bit she must let go of all that ingested over her lifetime that was never hers. All the beliefs she was taught over the years. All the ways she slowly disconnected from her true self. She must learn to let go of those ways and allow herself to flow with her life. Life is defined as “the ability to grow and change”. To be alive, is to grow, change, move, flow, and transform. She must learn to trust again. She must allow the process of life to unfold. She...

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