Buried Spirit

Posted by on Jul 8, 2016

Have you ever looked into the beautiful eyes of a baby and felt the presence of her energy? If you have ever held a baby in your arms you would have witnessed the calm, peace, and serenity she emits. The trust she has in the world. She is in tune with her needs and absolutely present in the moment. She is not racing to fetch her next meal, neither is she planning her next play date, nor worried about being good enough to be loved. She couldn’t care less if someone thought she was cute or otherwise. She just is. She is simply being a human being.

As she develops a sense of self and other, and begins to incorporate the messages she receives from the world, she begins to make decisions about what her life will look like. Often the messages received are focused on success, achieving goals, acquiring wealth, and love. She often rewards herself with external possessions and vacations etc. to feel that she is living the life. She is chasing after something and living according to others expectations, or fear of judgment.

There comes a time when she has done life the way she was taught to. She has the career, the success, the house, and the family. She then looks around her wondering why she is feels empty and alone. She feels a void, deep within herself. She feels trapped in a never ending cycle of chasing after “it”. Sometimes she just wants to run away from it all and escape as she cannot find meaning in it all. The chase begins to lead to a dead end, and that’s when she begins to seek something different. She yearns for connection and hungers to feel depth in her soul.

After a lifetime of being disconnected from her spirit, desperately trying to find her value in others, she arrives to this place. This place of wanting more for herself. She no longer wants to stay trapped chasing after stuff. Or filling her void with food or drugs. She longs to know her true self. She craves for the wonder she felt as a child. She wants her heart to light up to the smell of flowers, and sing to the songs of the birds. She so desperately searches for love. She lost herself in the “doing” and forgot to be a human “being”.

She feels broken and in need of fixing not realizing she has always been whole. All she had lost was her connection to her Spirit. There is nothing she must find to fix her, she just needs to remember who she is. Just as the caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis, before it turns into a butterfly, she also much undergo her own transformation. Bit by bit she must let go of all that ingested over her lifetime that was never hers. All the beliefs she was taught over the years. All the ways she slowly disconnected from her true self. She must learn to let go of those ways and allow herself to flow with her life.

Life is defined as “the ability to grow and change”. To be alive, is to grow, change, move, flow, and transform. She must learn to trust again. She must allow the process of life to unfold. She must reconnect to her spirit, and once again wake up feeling joy and wonder. Trusting in life. Knowing that she is ever expanding in her greatness. This is when she begins to live from connection with her Spirit again.

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