How I became…. Who I AM

Posted by on Jun 8, 2016

I am the youngest of seven children born and raised in Toronto by my immigrant parents.  My parents were born and raised in India with no formal education and migrated to Canada with 6 young children. Their primary focus was to provide their children with a better life in Canada. Their life consisted of working hard to provide the necessities of life to their children. We lived a simple life.

As a child I struggled. I experienced racism, lack of money, lack of self worth, shame, anger and depression. I was a victim of my circumstances. I often escaped into my imaginary life. Dreaming of having all that I did not have. My favorite books were, “The little Princess” and “The Secret Garden”.

God was important to me throughout my life. My parents were very religious. We prayed and meditated as a family every morning and night. My Dad was a silent Medium. He was very influential in establishing my beliefs in God and the spirit world as a child.

I always had an inner knowing that there was more to life than just survival. I always had my dreams, my hopes, my magic wand, and knowing that one day I would create the life I wanted. It has been a long journey, with lots of struggles, celebrations, synchronicities, and learnings to be who I am today.

As I stepped into courage my fears began to fade

As I saw reasons to love others, judgments disappeared into the past

As I witnessed the suffering in the world, my struggles became lessons of growth

As my shame began to erode, I showed up for life unreserved

As my anger surfaced in awareness, my inner girl tasted freedom

As I began to value my life, new dreams began to take form

As I began to walk in my truth, I felt the presence of Angels surround me

As I began to see beauty in all, there was no place that God would not be

As I stepped into the space of the Divine, I experienced who “I AM”

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