Seeing the Mirror

Posted by on Aug 12, 2016

thRCW9SBZ9I packed my suitcase with expectations and hope and set out to visit the magic stream. I saw many allies and teachers surround me, and felt spirit of place move about. I visited the moon and witnessed the stars transform, my purpose was illuminated in the hearts of souls. I was given gifts of creativity, some known and some previously unknown. As I stood in the seed of creation I tapped into consciousness never experienced before. Tears that could not be explained, began to roll down beyond control. My hands tingled and I felt enormous, while deep peace filled my entire core. I met my goblin who reminded me, of all my limitations I had ignored. I began to listen and commiserate with him, and found comfort sailing in his boat. My observer rode along with me, watching in awareness all that would unfold. With my goblin I sailed, looking through the goggles it had given me to wear. Together we visited ghostlands, the land of lack and many others that called out. I saw all the wounded parts within me being projected onto those I valued outside of me. My nightmares were coming to life as I uncomfortably tossed about. I finally woke up to see the circus, all the monkeys swinging around. I stopped the boat and removed my spectacles, and decided that it was time to go. Stepping out I looked back at my goblin, with love and appreciation for illuminating my darkness. I took the path leading me back home, with gratitude beaming from my heart. I made amends with my teacher, graciously accepting the love that was always there for me. I tossed my pocket mirror behind me and built a full size mirror ahead of me. As I gaze into my new mirror, I recognize it shows me all I hold within me. When I do not see Love reflected back to me, that is when I step back and not forward. For it is In the distance that I can see the Truth, while up close I get sucked into the illusion.  Jas Dhillon

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  1. I absolutely loved this.

    It gave me goosebumps as I read through.

    And for me, it, creatively, sums up hindsight being 20/20.

    Nice work… 😉

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