Current service offerings include Intuitive Empowerment Coaching, and Intuitive Energy Work (Reiki). Learn more about these services here. 

Current Offerings


 Transformational Healing Coaching

  • Heal past issues and clear energetic emotional blocks so that you can raise your vibrations
  • gain new perspectives and find deeper meaning so that you can integrate your experiences and find your inner wisdom
  • Feel confident, find clarity, and Co Create with Spirit so that you can live your life on purpose
  • Feel supported in your evolution so that you can be the highest expression of yourself

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Intuitive Energy Work (Reiki)

  • Upgrade your energetic frequency and alignment to your higher self
  • Feel peace, wholeness, and healing
  • Receive intuitive guidance and support for your well being
  • Experience spiritual healing energy and feel rejuvenated as you release energetic debris

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 Oracle Card Coaching – Available Now!