Stopping Empath Persecution

Posted by on Apr 14, 2018

I didn’t understand why I found myself in the same spot repeatedly. The place where you try to make things better for others but get persecuted for doing so in the end. If you are an Empath, you must know that boundaries don’t come easy to you. In fact, you may find that you get sucked into others problems quite easily. You begin to take on other people’s feelings and your sense of self gets lost. You think that others problems are your own and you set out to fix them.

What happens on many occasions is you feel responsible for fixing others problems and begin to search for solutions to help others. I have experienced this recently where I got sucked into others emotions and failed to recognize that they were not my own. I lacked boundaries in that I was unable to pay attention to my own needs while letting others be in their own feelings. Instead I began to think of solutions for their disturbed feelings as the truth was I took them on as my own. I presented my recommendations to the Leader to ease the uncertainty others felt, as well as to ease my own discomfort in being part of a spiritual group whose actions did not match what it projected. Instead of recognizing my intentions for wanting to make things better, I was persecuted for doing so. I was booted out the door along with my recommendations with many inaccurate labels to describe me. How dare I try to better someone else’s vision? Herein lay my mistake. A mistake common amongst many Empaths.

As an Empath, we fail to have strong boundaries. We fail to recognize when something is not our problem to fix. We fail to walk away from situations that don’t align with us. We fail to take care of our needs first before we try to meet the needs of others. We fail to walk away from the people who create emotional unease for us. Instead we pour our energy into creating balance when it had nothing to do with us in the first place. So, what can an Empath do? We must recognize how we feel as an individual and not focus on the collective’s feelings. We must recognize when our intuition tells us something is out of alignment. We need to stop fixing things for others, and practice self love which may include walking away. We must be able to accept the sadness that will ensue if we choose to leave a toxic situation. However, we must recognize the sadness is only because of our innate nature that strives for harmony with all. We must learn that we must not insert ourselves into another’s story. If a story playing out doesn’t suit us, then we must walk away and focus on creating our own harmonious story.

It is not an easy road travelling as an Empath, as it can be both a curse and a gift. The gift is, we can connect with others in deep ways that can not be taught in a school. Empaths are in tune with the “empty” space that binds us all. In this space, incredible magic can be experienced through a sense of oneness. The curse is when an Empath can not recognize where she begins and where she ends. When she is not aware that the unspoken information she is absorbing is not her own, she may turn reactive and become unbalanced. This is when she must find balance within herself, and remove all that disturbs her peace. Being an Empath does not mean to be a sacrificial lamb for the benefit of others, it means to nurture your own balance so that you can affect the outside from the inside. This is how an Empath can upgrade herself from being an absorbent sponge to a shining star.

Jas Dhillon


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