We Teach What We Need To Learn Most!

Posted by on Sep 16, 2016



“We teach what we need to learn most” they say. The meaning of this is sinking in deep within me. Growing up as a child I craved unconditional love, feeling happiness, being enveloped in peace, and having deep meaningful connections. I searched around me to obtain that which would give this ALL to me.

Maybe it would be DOING this behaviour, BEING this way, STUDYING psychology, WORKING in healthcare, FINDING the husband, BUYING a beautiful home, HAVING that child, PARTYING with friends, FOLLOWING religions, TRAVELING to sacred places, JOINING groups and so on.

Needless to say, none of this gave me what my soul craved. As what my soul craved was not found outside of me.  It craved ME. All I needed to DO was to BE with my soul. Connect with it. Love it. Experience happiness and peace merging my”self” with it. As I learn to merge with my soul and then see “outward”, my reflection is no longer the same.

The mirror in which I see myself no longer shows me that which was. That which was lacking is now abundant. I have stepped into a magical land where creative possibilities are infinite. Our power is activated through our connection to our Spirit. So when someone says, “We teach what we needed to learn most “. I now see how that is my absolute truth.

Jas Dhillon

Image Artist, Angelica InBliss

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