Jas Dhillon is a highly Intuitive gifted Coach. Her guidance and coaching has helped me stay connected with my higher self.

Her coaching has helped me with various scenarios in my life. During one our sessions I was feeling really overwhelmed and stressed out in a mental space that was very cluttered. She guided me through the envision process and took me out of the landscape that was keeping me stressed and disappointed. A part of this landscape was connected to my past. I was being very cautious and life seemed like a struggle. Her guided process took me to a new landscape which was the land of possibilities and happiness. I felt the excitement to explore rather than being stressed out. This landscape has the natural flow of life & creativity. This is a great tool to use as I’m able to go back to this landscape when I feel overwhelmed and stressed. It also resulted in relieving chronic pain in my neck.

When I was grieving the loss of my father her coaching session helped me reconnect with my higher self, the all knowing consciousness that is aware death is inevitable. As a result I was able to make peace with what is and have an inner knowing that my father is always there with me in spirit. This helped me to move on with my life.

She has made me aware of my gremlin and given me the process to heal and reclaim that part of me. Her coaching has created more free space, focus & connection with my higher self to create a life that I love. I’m so grateful for her guidance and her presence in my life.

Binu Alag Master Empowerment Coach, St Thomas, Ontario


Jas was my best coach in many aspects. Why? She met me not only where I was but for who I was (and am). She is highly intuitive and she clearly “read” and heard me. There was amazing situations in our coaching sessions, where she led me exactly into my stories and visions in “my language”, using story-approach, visualization, energy work, and that was exactly what I needed. My false protection walls were powerless and I was just letting fears and old wounds go away each time from the beginning of the session to the end. I felt safe and heard. Jas is warm, strong, kind, determined, stable inside out, she is someone to trust. It was a blessing to be coached by her. And results of our work were seen each week in my personal and professional life. My relationships improved, my business expanded.

Jas Thank You from my heart! You are amazing!

Dr. Darja Bitenc Coach, Author, Mindfulness Teacher, www.zlatapravbljica.si


I am eternally grateful to Jas for opening her home to me and providing levels I & II Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki training and attunements. Jas is a wonderful instructor who is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge of energy healing with others. My life has been truly enriched as a result of meeting such a gifted and highly intuitive soul on my spiritual journey.


Kay Sampson Ajax, Ontario 


I have been in the energy healing world for many years, and I have never met anyone with the same passion for Reiki as Jas. She is a natural healer & the sessions I’ve had with her helped me to get back on track & focused again. 15 years ago I was introduced to the world of Reiki but I did not make it an everyday practice. I organized a group of people & Jas came to teach us all about it. Even though I already had a fundamental understanding of Reiki she explained it in such a way that it has become a regular part of my life. Jas is kind, compassionate & well educated. She is the perfect example of how all Reiki masters should be. Thank you for being you & doing this work Jas!

All love,

Truly Folkes-Dubourdieu Medium, Oshawa, Ontario


I’ve witnessed Jas’ energy first hand and what strikes me about her intuitive and healing gifts is her ability to connect with such high vibrations of light. She is genuine in her messages of guidance that help anyone she works with get perspective and insight.

Selina Khan, Psychic Medium, Toronto Psychic Services


Jas is a wonderful teacher and coach. She provides a calm, comfortable environment and has a real talent for working with energy. I continue to seek out her intuitive guidance and support and recommend her with confidence.

KarenOshawa, Ontario


My colleagues at work are telling me that I’m different, that they can’t believe how much I’ve changed since the last few months, since I’ve been coached with Jas in the invision process. They feel I’m happier and calmer. I used to get angry easily and felt triggered all the time and I didn’t know how to get out of that vicious cycle I got into since I began my job as a manager.

Now, I feel like my happy self has been liberated from this prison, from these fears! I discovered that I thought I was my fears and I’m not, I can now look at them and choose to leave them and act from a different perspective, that’s wonderful, it’s changing my life literally! It’s really shifting something inside me, like I have access to a new me, a new way of reacting, not from fears and past experiences but from who I really am, which I’m discovering now and without effort. The effort is in being willing to open up to the process and be true. Once you do it, magic happens!! It’s so subtle and so big at the same time, you really have to experience it! You will never want to stop!

Thank you so much Jas for your guidance during that wonderful trip that has just started! You’ve helped me see through myself and I’m full of gratitude.

Julie Charbonneau, Manager, Montreal, Quebec


A while ago I got the chance to experience a reiki session with Jas and I feel like she was able to help me get rid of some of the negative energy around me and also lift some of the blocks I was facing.  The fact that Jas incorporated her spiritual intuition while healing with reiki made the session very powerful.  She is extremely talented at what she does, and her passion for wanting to help people came through during the session.
Shivani, Teacher, Brampton, Ontario


Jas Dhillon is intuitive, she is able to hone in on the problem with accuracy. She’s very dynamic as she continues to introduce new concepts of education and enlightenment to her repertoire. Her approach is person-centric as she is present during her time with you and provides solutions with a knack that makes every situation seem like it can be solved with her around. I highly recommend Jas Dhillon and vow that you will be not only pleased by the results that she achieves for you but also relieved that someone truly understands you and your situation no matter how delicate it may be.

Aarti Kanda, Nuclear Operator, Port Elgin, Ontario


I have known Jas for over 3 years now and have had the greatest pleasure in using her services. She is a very warm person, thoughtful, giving and caring. I have had IHM and reiki sessions with crystals with Jas she is very intuitive. I was in awe of her skills with the crystals she intuitively picked up on my sore leg which had taken quite some time to heal, but after my treatment with Jas it did feel considerably better and through maintenance it has now fully improved.

Jas is trustworthy and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for her services.

Sharon Young, Holistic Therapist, Teacher, Business Owner, Oshawa, Ontario



I went in to my IN-Vision coaching sessions without expectation. After 6 weeks of coaching, I came out with enhanced self-awareness and a new resolve to explore the root of repetitive self-defeating and self-sabotaging behaviours. I now have the tools to view these behaviours as an observer with the hope of seeing myself more clearly and without judgment. In doing so, I have been able to pause and make different, more empowered choices for myself. One technique that I continue to use frequently is the ability to transport myself to a “safe” location in my mind when faced with fear, discomfort or anxiety. I am encouraged by the increased level of mindfulness that I have experienced in these 6 short weeks.

Thank you Jas for your gentle and thoughtful guidance in this process. You are a wonderful, caring, intuitive coach.

Joanne Stienstra, Grief Counsellor, Norwich, Ontario


To be honest, I didn’t know what Reiki or an Indian Head Massage was until Jas explained it to me.

I was very pleasantly surprised! Jas came over to my house, set the mood and started doing her ‘magic’.

She was very thorough and explained every step.

Within a few minutes, I was beyond relaxed and completely at peace. I could feel the tension releasing from my body.

I remember texting her the next day and telling her that I had the best night’s sleep that night!

I would highly recommend Jas. She’s very professional and gentle

I look forward to my next massage with her.

Denise Lee, Admin Assistant – Federal Government



I have just completed a 6 week coaching program with Jas as my guide. I enjoyed every minute of it and had more than a few light bulb moments! These wonderful invision sessions which Jas guided me through has made me more aware and alert to the surroundings in my life. It has also left me feeling more empowered and self-confident. Thank you Jas, you are amazing and so was this experience!!!!

Linda Cumming, Peterborough, Ontario


Her passion is why I had Jas teach me Level 1 Reiki. Her honest, compassionate coaching has started my spiritual healing. Thank you Jas.

Barb Smith, CPG Sales, Newmarket, Ontario