Transforming Ugly to Beauty – 3 Step Process For Transformation

Posted by on Feb 21, 2018

 There was a time when I felt ugly! Growing up as a visible minority in Toronto in the mid 70’s and 80’s wasn’t easy. In fact I was filled with feelings of fear, unworthiness, and shame. I was the victim of racism, discrimination, and sexism to name a few. I was stuck in these low vibrating emotional places with no visible way out.

I avoided social groups and activities. I withdrew from reality and retreated into my imaginary world. I adopted many faces to fit into the many scenes. At home I slipped into the good Indian girl who was obedient, pure, and subservient. On the streets I wore layers of protection against unwanted attacks. In school I tried to be invisible avoiding attention towards myself. At work, I delivered exceptionally to overcompensating for my lack of self -worth.

The truth is, inside I was scattered and lost. I had different parts of me in the various boxes of my life and none of them knew who the other was. I lacked connection, direction, and meaning. My inner dialogue kept me victimized. My feelings of shame and anger kept me teeter tottering between parts. I was in a prison of my own making yet I blamed it on my appearance and circumstances. Until I finally broke free through what I call OCD to transformation.

OCD is a method that I used to move from ugly to beautiful. I am sharing it here to help you! The “O” stands for Observe, “C” stands for Correct, and “D” stands for Direct. This three step process transformed my life.

Step 1 Observe (O)

Connect with your observer! This is the part of you that watches your inner thoughts, dialogues, emotions, messages, and beliefs. Simply observe what is happening inside your mind, heart and body without judgment. What are your thoughts saying? How are you feeling? Notice the dialogue that is occurring. Where are you holding these emotions in your body? Once you have gathered this information you are ready for the C.

Step 2 (C) Correct

Correct what’s not working for you! Don’t fight your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and try to suppress and look the other way. Simply correct them by replacing what does not serve you with what does serve you. Ask yourself, “Is what I am thinking constructive or destructive to what I really want?” If your thoughts are destructive, introduce thoughts that are constructive to your desired outcome. If what you believe does not help you get what you want, correct your belief so you can move towards what you want. If your dialogue with yourself makes you feel bad, correct the dialogue to what makes you feel good. Once you have corrected the faulty programming, you are ready for D.

Step 3 (D) Direct

Direct energy toward your desired outcome! In this step you direct your energy on creating the new you. Ask yourself, “What will it take for me to be my desired self?” Then take the action that directs your energy towards that! This is where you close the gap between where you are now and the expression of yourself that you desire. This is where you dump the ugly and step into the beautiful version of yourself.


The Mirror in which I see myself

No longer shows me that which was

For now my eyes see through Love

The Truth is unveiled and illusion is lost.


Written by:

Jas Dhillon


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