Transformational Intuitive Coaching 

I work with women who know they have unique gifts to offer the world but play it small due to unconscious self sabotaging patterns and unresolved emotional pain. I help them heal and integrate their past pain so they are able direct their full energy towards creating their most desired life. They no longer hide behind the curtain of fear, instead they fully emerge forward stepping into their most fulfilling existence.


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Who Are You?

You dream of making an impact in the world and find fulfillment

You are conscious of Spirit/ God/ Universe and you desire to consciously create your life with this force

You are a seeker of truth, meaning, and a deeper spiritual connection

You have a heightened intuition or sensitivity to energy and are looking to develop and work with your gifts

You are willing to examine inward and do the work needed to heal, so you can recreate your energetic imprint in alignment with your desires

You are motivated to create a better life for yourself and those around you



 Coaching Packages

Transformation Mini $333,00

  • 3 One Hour Sessions
  • Bonus 1 Distant Energy Clearing
  • Must be completed within 6 weeks

Transformation Intensive $997.00

  • 9 Full Sessions, First one is a 1&1/2 Hour Intensive, additional 8 are One Hour Sessions
  • Bonus 3 Distant Energy Clearing (One per month ideally)
  • Bonus ongoing Email support
  • 3 month journey

Each session is conducted via phone/ Skype/ Zoom and is 1 hour in length.

Oracle Card Coaching $100.00  One Hour

  • This is an empowering and healing session that combines oracle cards, mediumship, and psychic information to bring peace and guidance.

In person or via Phone/ Skype/ Zoom



Coaching Packages